A and B Milligan Ltd

Dean Mill, Plumbe Street, Burnley, BB11 3AG

Members of the Milligan family have been involved in the delivery of coal for over 100 years. Most notably Alec Milligan - the Grandfather of the current owner Stuart Milligan is still fondly remembered by current customers still being delivered to by the company.

Albert and Barbara - Stuart's father opened the UK's first only fully undercover coal yard 19 years ago at our site on Plumbe Street, Burnley.

Stuart and his wife Claire became the sole directors in 2000.

As well as supplying fuels we have a large range of stoves and cookers supplied by ESSE. We stock a vast variety of spare parts for your multi-fuel stoves, open fires or cookers including glass, grates bars, guards, ash pans, grates, fire bricks, boards and cement. We also stock flue pipes and cowls.

If we haven't got it in we will get it for you where possible.

Due to the enormous range of sizes and shapes of today's fires and stoves one size does not fit all so we ask you to give us a call to discuss or drop by with the item you need replacing to ensure you get the right part for your requirements.

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